OPS Open Multilingual Online Assistance System and Support Services
It doesn't matter who you are or where you are now. What matters is if everything is OK with you.
About us
Where we work
OPS Group operates in 200 countries and international territories.
Our contact offices are located in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Due to our global network of certified partners, contact points operating 24/7, service culture and technology, we are always available to help those who need our assistance.
Assistance in travelling
Consideration of insurance claims
Customer service
Insurance call centre
Medical consultations
Key facts and figures
OPS Group founded
The OPS call centre operates 24/7, 365 days a year
± 5,3
seconds is the average time for answering calls
Records of all conversations with customers are kept for one year
of customers are satisfied with the level of services (* INIT survey, June 2016)
Our vision and mission
Since 1995, we have been successfully working towards an ambitious goal of introducing a new style of handling claims and support services. Our task is to make the work clear, accessible and fast.

OPS Group excels in monitoring the claims procedure, always focusing on ensuring the continuous operation of our customers throughout the entire process.

Our task is to understand, help and value each customer.

Owing to our extensive experience and understanding of international law, we can respond quickly and flexibly to all your requirements. The flexible work process allows us to offer the highest level of service to customers.

Our multilingual staff has extensive knowledge of local and international insurance regulations and can communicate with your customers in their native languages. Fast and efficient.
Our clients
Our clients
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